Stormy is Alanna's main horse for carriage rides in Central Park!  After posting a want-ad for a horse matching his description in every way, someone responded and Alanna went to try him out.  He was PERFECT, but at the time she wasn't able to take him home.  A year and a half later, during the pandemic, he miraculously became hers and it has been a match made in heaven ever since!  Stormy is a Morgan horse, Time and Again's favorite breed, and a very special breed indeed that excels at carriage driving.  Every day Stormy proves himself to be a very special steed, and is loved beyond measure by Alanna.



December 13th, 2013 was the day Alanna picked up the little 13.1hh Haflinger Morgan cross, who was to be her very first horse, from the auction pen in New Jersey.  The 7 year old gelding came right up to her when she approached the pen, and he was a thousand times more wonderful in person than the homely, flashed out photo she'd seen of him on the auction's Facebook page.  Still, only having seen that photo, Alanna knew he was "the one," and she couldn't have been more right about him.  Now, he is 14 years old and is loving life in his forever home as Alanna's equine companion and work partner, where he is routinely spoiled.  He currently lives in Queens where he does pony parties and special events with his wagon.



Lucky belongs to Alanna's long time companion, Kieran, who has been himself in the carriage business since 1987 when he came over from Ireland.  Lucky is a lovely horse who is a veteran in the business, and is known for his refinement for his large size (over 17hh).  Lucky pulls Kieran's large, classic Vis-a-vis carriage, and will accomodate you if your party is larger than the equivalent of 3 average adults.  Lucky is known for his high stepping action when he trots, an unusual sight for such a large horse!



Vasco also belongs to Kieran, and is also a veteran in the carriage business!  He is a bit shorter than Lucky, at only about 15hh, but is quite chunky.  He too is a Morgan cross, and is capable of easily pulling both Alanna's carriage and Kieran's carriage (not at the same time, of course!).  You may see him on either of our carriages.  Vasco is known for his very Morgan personality--strong willed, willing, and able!